Fashion Find: The Farm Company

During a recent trip to Brazil we discovered The Farm Company, a Rio de Janeiro-based brand that has been a huge hit in South America since it launched in 2007. This comes as no surprise, considering its unique, signature prints and tropical colour palette. There is definitely room for a brand like The Farm Company in the UK to inject some colour into Spring!

Alexa Chung Limited Edition Eyeko Set

Comes with 1 Waterproof Mascara and 1 Eye do Eye Liner both Carbon Black.

Waterproof MascaraThe nib is the perfect shape and size to give you control.  It gives you the precision to draw on the perfect cat eye.  It’s pitch black and waterproof so it doesn’t move even on the waterline.  I love that it enhances my lashes each time I use it.” 
Alexa Chung

Eyedo Eye-liner “I love a sixties doe-eyed look and this gives me longer, thicker, BLACKER lashes without the hassle of falsies. It stays on forever but feels amazing thanks to all the lash enhancing magic in the mix.”
Alexa Chung